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Calculation Overhead Crane

 All important parameters are considered in the design of the crane. Which can be calculated correctly and accurately by selecting the crane bearing forces, selecting the longitudinal and transverse rails, stress calculations of the crane, selecting the motors used in the construction of the crane, checking the transverse and longitudinal carriage calculations of the crane, etc. One of the advantages of this software is changing the dimensions of the bridge and the input parameters in the design of the crane. The results are shown instantly and accurately. Another advantage of this software is the accurate determination of the weight of the crane for use in the crane.


Design Crane Order

Design Single Girder Overhead Crane


Single girder overhead crane is great choice for light and frequent lifting work. It has wide application for warehouse, factory, yard, construction site, material handling. With small size, it takes a small area; with compact structure, it takes little maintenance; with factory price, it takes reasonable cost.


Design Underhung Bridge Crane


Underhung bridge crane is an indoor mobile crane. It has simple structure, portable weight, easy operation and strong adaptation. It is great choice for factory and warehouse with restricted height. Underslung bridge crane can save much headroom.


Design Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead crane can deal with heavy duty safely and stably. Double girder bridge crane has large loading capacity, such as 30 ton crane, 40 ton bridge crane, 60 ton overhead crane, 70 ton traveling crane, 100 ton crane. This makes it high efficiency.


Design Single Girder Gantry Crane


Single girder gantry crane is flexible and portable, very suitable for light and frequent lifting work. With compact structure, light weight, it is widely used in warehouse, factory, assembly line, storage, industrial site, workshop and other places.


Design Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane is widely used together with winch or trolley for lifting device. It is a medium and heavy size crane with travels in track. This kind of crane is composed of main beam, support legs, crane traveling organ, trolley, electric equipment and strong lifting hoist.

As a regular crane, heavy duty double girder gantry crane is widely used in workshop, storage, port and hydroelectric power station and some other outdoor place. Such crane is suitable for work with a high frequency or more lifting times